the kitchen and the cookbook: episode one.

First up, I must clarify that I am NOT releasing a cookbook. I have only been blogging for approximately 20 days or so… probably less… I am not ready for a cookbook!

I don’t only make my own recipes, I do make a lot of things by other people, too.  I tend to have troubles getting inspired of what recipes to create. My general technique of composing ideas of what recipes I should create would just be to look on Pinterest for flavor ideas and fun desserts, then I look up a bit more about the flavor or dessert, write up a recipe, and go in the kitchen. Unless I’m feeling particularly lazy– then, I simply decide on something plain like chocolate cookies, go into the kitchen, throw stuff in a bowl, writing the recipe on paper as I go along, and then add something special to the chocolate cookies to make them extraordinary… (by the way, expect a new recipe for chocolate-orange sugar free cookies pretty soon!)

Sometimes, I’ll spend months on one recipe… and by that I mean months working on getting the recipe WRITTEN perfectly. That means I will spend months not even baking the recipe, but just writing it in paper and getting the instructions and ingredients perfect. Sometimes, I’ll have a random idea for a recipe and stop whatever I’m doing, grab a notepad and jot it down, then revise it later and bake it. Or, sometimes I’ll just say “I should bake something”, go into the kitchen, write a quick recipe up on the computer, print it out, and get cooking, with a pen by my side to revise as I go along.

But today, I am doing a featurette. I am featuring recipes that I have tried and liked. These are all recipes that I tried by my free will, I was not paid or anything(but I wouldn’t mind getting paid…. gf flours are not cheap these days…. he he he!:) to try these. But if anyone has a recipe they want me to try, I’m open to suggestions! I spend all day everyday trying to find new things to try baking, all you’d be doing is helping me out.

Let’s get started! I will display a photo and a link to the recipe. All of these following recipes are either vegan, gluten-free or both, however, I have made all of them gluten-free. Including the ones that don’t give you an option of using gf flour, I have had success with gluten free flour on all of these. These are recipes that I have tried recently and enjoyed the outcome of. I won’t do these features ALL the time, just when I feel like it. Or when I haven’t been posting for days. Speaking of which, I haven’t posted anything for days! Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been baking around and I feel that none of the things I’ve made recently were worthy of the blog. But, never fear, I have a new recipe coming up!

the kitchen and the cookbook. my favorite recent recipes.

Healthy Homemade Vegan Samoas

= love. Are you looking for the best thing on the planet? Well, you just came to the right place! From Everything Needs Salt.


Vegan Strawberry Pie

From Holy Cow Vegan. I have been on a pie rampage lately. I was looking at this to satisfy my cravings. This didn’t SATISFY my cravings. This ENCHANTED my cravings.


Veggie Stir Fry (Vegan, Gluten Free and TOFU!)

From Minamalist Baker. I served this to three people, including myself. One was my dad, who helped make this. He thought it was amazing. I did, too. I gave it to my omnivorous mom, too, and she actually didn’t know that the tofu was tofu, she thought it was chicken. No kidding. When I asked “Did you like the tofu?” I assumed she knew it was tofu, but she was like, “WHAT? This is TOFU? I THOUGHT IT WAS CHICKEN!” Believe me, this is incredible.


Vegan French Toast

Another from Minamalist Baker. WHAT. This tastes BETTER than french toast.


Vegan Blueberry Pie Pancakes 

From Chocolate Covered Katie. Is there any better way to eat breakfast than ginormous delicious 9g fiber and protein pancakes? No? Yeah, I thought so. I wouldn’t blame you if you had it any other time of the day, though. Guilty as charged.


Vegan Gluten-Free Mexican Chickpea Salad

From Vegangela. I can honestly tell you that this salad is going to be part of my family for generations. I’ll pass it down to my children, they will pass it down to theirs, and it’ll keep going like that until someone loses the recipe, due to the fact that they will probably inherit some of my clumsiness.


Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

From Yammie’s Gluten Freedom. Tip of advice: make these cookies. Make them now. You know that go-to cookie recipe sitting in your cookbook? Rip that baby out and replace it with this. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this feature. Remember to check out the creators blogs. Full credit to them for the photos- if anyone would like me to take anything down, notify me any time and I will gladly remove them.

keep that oven mitt on your hand until there’s another hand that can fill it.

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